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General Rules

1. 1. Admin's word is law. Admin's reserve the right to enforce rules as they see fit. Attempting to bend any of the rules in place is NOT allowed and can result in an immediate ban. 

2. Offensive names/language will NOT be tolerated. Cursing Is 100% acceptable, racist/sexist/homophobic/unlawful/mental health slurs/etc names and language are not. Admins reserve the right to step in and stop a conversation they find inappropriate or makes them uncomfortable.

3. Cyberbullying is a real issue, and it will also not be tolerated. We’re all gamers here, don’t be an asshole. Dox'ing or looking up players personal profiles and bringing it in-game or in a private message without their permission will result in a ban. This includes if they have their social media accounts easily accessible. Repeatedly asking for IRL information also falls under this rule.

4. All admin issues/requests are required to first be posted in #admin-help. DO NOT privately message an admin for help unless they have asked you to or messaged you first. If you need to speak privately with an admin, make a vague post in #admin-help (eg. "@Admin I need help").

5. The admins here are not out to get you (any player who has been here for a decent length of time can tell you that), and there will be absolutely no admin abuse tolerated. Any issues with the admin team or any judgment call can be directed to #admin-help OR DM @Psychopation on Discord and I will address it from there. As such, there is to be NO public slander or verbal attacks on the admin team. Gaslighting the server to attempt to force a decision in your favor will result in an immediate ban with NO exceptions.

PVP Classic Rules

1. Cheating of any kind is not allowed and will result in a tribe wipe or ban depending on the circumstance. This is including, but not limited to, aimbot, ESP, .ini adjustments for pvp advantage (this includes removing ground clutter), hacking, exploiting, and meshing (knockout spots are meshing).


2. You may not block access to wyvern scars or player spawn points unless actively PvPing.


3. ARK is a buggy game. To preserve the balance of the PvP experience, admins will NOT spawn in items as compensation for loss of items or dinos.


4. Cave building is not enabled, anyone attempting to circumvent this will be wiped without warning.


5. You are allowed to cage a player for up to 2 hours. After which you need to kill or release them. You may only cage a player once every 24 hours. If you cage DURING a raid, you can keep them caged until after.

6. The use of unintended building mechanics during a raid is not allowed. This includes building tunnels or pathways into an enemies base. Platform dinos and rafts are NOT included in this.


7. Tribe names must be the same across the cluster. You may NOT change your name to raid a tribe and avoid being caught.


8. There are no alliances allowed. Tribes found circumventing this, or "teaming," will risk warns, tribe wipes, or even bans depending on the circumstance.


9. "Insiding/Blue-Tagging is not a bannable offence as you are responsible how you set up your tribe/alliances and who you invite." -WildCard dev (If you are unsure how to do this, YouTube "How to not get insided")


10. Don't interfere with admin activities in game. Leave em alone.

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