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The Island





Server Rates & Info

3x XP
3x Harvesting
5x Taming
5x Maturation
10x Incubation/Gestation
Imprint value boost and decreased interval. (Most babies will need only one imprint, while Gigas and Carchas will need 5.)
2x Decay Time for items that spoil
2x Stack Size
Max Dino Level - 150

Dinos will spawn at a higher level preferred

Armor, Damage, & Durability Caps
Flak - 496% Armor - 714 Durability
Damage - 298%
Standard Saddles - 124%
Advanced Saddles - 74.5%

Platform Structure limit x2
Platform Distance Multiplier x2
ORP Enabled

General Rules

1. Admin's word is law. Admin's reserve the right to enforce rules as they see fit. Attempting to bend any of the rules in place is NOT allowed and can result in an immediate ban. 

2. Offensive names/language will NOT be tolerated. Cursing Is 100% acceptable, racist/sexist/homophobic/unlawful/mental health slurs/etc names and language are not. Admins reserve the right to step in and stop a conversation they find inappropriate or makes them uncomfortable.

3. Cyberbullying is a real issue, and it will also not be tolerated. We’re all gamers here, don’t be an asshole. Dox'ing or looking up players personal profiles and bringing it in-game or in a private message without their permission will result in a ban. This includes if they have their social media accounts easily accessible. Repeatedly asking for IRL information also falls under this rule.

4. All admin issues/requests are required to first be posted in #admin-help. DO NOT privately message an admin for help unless they have asked you to or messaged you first. If you need to speak privately with an admin, make a vague post in #admin-help (eg. "@Admin I need help").

5. The admins here are not out to get you (any player who has been here for a decent length of time can tell you that), and there will be absolutely no admin abuse tolerated. Any issues with the admin team or any judgment call can be directed to #admin-help OR DM @Psychopation on Discord and I will address it from there. As such, there is to be NO public slander or verbal attacks on the admin team. Gaslighting the server to attempt to force a decision in your favor will result in an immediate ban with NO exceptions.

PVE Rules

Clause: These rules are in place for order on the server. Please note that Admins play on the server as well and are subject to these same rules. Admins in-game do not have admin enabled and will only enable it for extreme cases. We are rather hands off when it comes to issues, but we will help however we can when an issue does arise in-game.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Please note that admins have a final say in these matters.

1. Griefing
  a. Greifing is not allowed on this server in any capacity. This includes but is not limited to: Leading wild dinoes to player bases or players intentionally. Dragging unconcious players in a malicious manner (e.g. Drowning, dragging into danger, etc.). Blocking access to important resources, supply drops, or caves. Spamming structures around other players' bases to block them in or block expansion. None of these are allowed.
  b. Toxicity will not be tolerated. Whether this be through gameplay, game chat, or player actions we will shut that down. It is not allowed here. If you're planning to be toxic then you should leave before you start as we do not tolerate it at all.

2. Structures
  a. Building in caves is disabled.
  b. Building around resource rich areas, such as metal mountain, are disallowed.
  c. Supply drop building is allowed, and supply drops will drop down on top of any structures. Although, please refer to rule 1 in regards to blocking access to them, as it is not ok to do so.
  d. Spamming foundations and pillars should only be used to mark out your territory and should not be spammed in excess. Admins may reach out if this becomes an issue. Please be mindful and respectful of other players. We only have one map to play on afterall.
  e. Do not intentionally block Explorer Notes. If you are built near or on them please make them easy to access for other players.
  f. There is no current restriction on the amount of tree platforms per tribe. However, please be mindful of other players. If it becomes an issue this may be changed.
  g. Do not block access to obelisks.
  h. Do not block rivers or streams that are able to fit a raft through it. Other players will want to use these as passages to transfer dinos, etc.
  i. Do not build too close to existing builds of other players.
  j. Pick up your traps after use.
  k. Empty beaver dams after collecting so they respawn.

3. Tamed Dinos
  a. Be mindful of setting your dinos to wander on aggressive. Other players may be looking for certain dinos and if you have an aggressive wandering dino near wild spawns then that is an issue. Admins may reach out to you on this if it becomes an issue.
  b. Cave flyers are disabled.

4. Cheating & Exploits
  Using third party programs to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed.

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